Co-written with Jolene Perry



It started with a list of fears.


Stupid things really. Things that fifteen year old Hailey Bosler shouldn't have worried about. If it weren't for the fact that every day she woke up with the world a little more blurry. Unable to see her two moms clearly. Unable to read the music for her guitar.


But she loved the rush of crossing something off her fear list, and sometimes more than anything else, that kept her moving forward.


Then she met Kyle.


A sixteen-year old boy who mumbled and spent too much time scribbling in his notebooks and listening to music to drown out his own thoughts. Thoughts that refused to let him forget he was a magnet for crap—for his friends, his family. Until Hailey found him and talked him into making his own list of fears.


She was afraid he wouldn't do it—be a friend or work on the list.


He was afraid he wouldn't do it well enough.


Together, they stumbled into an odd friendship. One they both counted on, until it began to change into something more. Something they both were too paralyzed to move toward.


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